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Our Mission

At Advanced XP, our goal is to educate, enhance and grow alongside your business in this ever-changing digital marketplace. We believe that people are the synergy that drives innovative performance. It is through this recognition for a collaborative effort that we help you thrive, not just survive. Our core belief is that people are the foundation of long-lasting success. By creating a diverse workforce, we take a 360-degree approach to enable a multifaceted response to your emerging needs. Advanced XP strives to promote, inspire, and motivate innovative thinkers, providing them with a solid foundation that turns thoughtful ideas into solutions to launch your business to the next level.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build long-term relationships with our clients and provide them with multiple solutions to increase the quality and value of their business or organization. We want each client to feel well known and understood by our team so they know that we care and will provide solutions that are effective in meeting the needs of their business or organization.

Our Core Values

1. Constantly Evolving, Always Educating. 

Do better. Be Better. To strive for the best, you will constantly be learning.

2. Extreme Performance, Extreme Quality. 

Always put your best foot forward.  Produce the best quality over quantity. 

3. Be Real, Be Original. 

Create and foster authentic relationships with those around you. 

4. Give Back, Give Local. 

Advanced XP wants to support our ever-growing community.  We want to help small and local businesses survive ^ thrive! 

Who We Are

We want to provide high quality services to our clients through a personal and authentic relationship. We are honored to partner and work with our clients and we greatly enjoy helping them make their business or organization more successful.

We have a very professional and diverse staff that hail from different countries and backgrounds and we believe that this makes our team unique and well suited to engage with our equally diverse client base.

We are striving for excellence to meet and exceed our clients expectations. We want to be diligent and innovative to create solutions to help each of our clients excel in their respected industries, and we take great pride in doing so!


We create strong relationship with our clients to make sure that we know and understand them to ensure our services accurately provide a solution that meets the desired need that we have been hired to meet.



We partner with our clients to design a package of services and create a plan to execute the objectives we have set.


We want to provide a quality end product that you will be satisfied with and that meets your required needs.



We want to work with you over the long-term course of your business to continue to fine-tune the solutions that we provide so that they are resilient and able to adapt and to change with your industry.

Meet Our Team

We have incredibly talented people working with us and we would love for you to know more about them.

When Megan isn’t busy volunteering with nonprofits, hanging with friends, or playing with her golden-doodle, she makes sure your projects are her top priority.  With her diverse backgrounds in UX Design, Entrepreneurship, and Organizational Leadership, she can tackle a number of complex projects.  She has an organically, modern approach within Project Management and Creative Strategies.  Most importantly, Megan listens to each clients’ wants, needs, and visions, to make sure they come to life.  She is committed to building long-lasting, collaborative, and loyal relationships.  At Advanced XP we don’t just bring results, we bring quality.  Megan is here to see that through.  Boiler Up!

Megan Ledford

Project Manager

Cal has significant experience in the marketing and sales industry. In addition, he has multimedia experience, including advertising agencies, multicultural marketing, television, and print media. Cal also provides consulting to small businesses, assisting in the development of individualized marketing strategies. 

Cal received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration degree from Madonna University and is a current DBA student at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Cal aka "The Professor"

Business Development Consultant

Paul has been capturing moments and telling stories with a camera since 2015, and has loved every moment of it. He is currently attending Ball State University with a B.A. in Telecommunications and concentration in Video Production.

Driven by excellence, he takes pride in providing the best quality possibly. He has been internationally exhibited 3 times for photography and has 2 IMDb credits in filmmaking. With these achievements under his belt, he is sure to make your ideas and vision into a reality. He is excited to start on the creative process of bringing your brand to life!

Paul Novesel

Director of Photography & Videography

Prentiss Bryant is a software developer with a varied background in information technology, new media, and computer science. While at university, he not only took IU and Purdue courses, he also worked for both universities. In addition, he volunteered his services to the Minority Engineering Advancement Program and the National Society of Black Engineers at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.

A great sports car is measured by how it makes one feel. Similarly, a synthesis of technical prowess and understanding of business and customer needs is what makes a software developer exceptional. He strives to meet this goal daily.  Prentiss received his Bachelor’s in General Studies with a focus in New Media and a Minor in Applied Computer Science from Indiana University. He later received his Programming and Software Development Postbaccalaureate Certificate from Purdue University Global and attended Eleven Fifty Academy.

Prentiss Bryant

Software Developer

Michael Myers is an experienced digital marketing professional.  Driven by data and analytics, he takes pride in providing the best value possible.  As the founder of Advanced XP, his goals include building the most trusted and educated team of marketing professionals in the state of Indiana.  In addition, to his primary job functions, Michael has been recognized by his previous CEO’s, Peers, & Professors, for his extraordinary commitment to excellence.

Michael Myers

Founder and Digital Marketing Strategist

For nearly 20 years, Brian Stackhouse has been an enthusiast in the digital marketing space. He has an array of accomplishments from his time at Hanover College, where he pursued a degree in Computer Science and subsequent days of military service .  During his tenure at Advanced XP, Brian has helped the company increase traffic, grow clients’ SEO, while always continuing to grow his SEO repertoire week in and week out.  When Brian is not keeping busy with SEO, you can find him spending time with his wife and three children.

Brian Stackhouse

Senior SEO Analyst

Jake Ledford is a junior studying User Experience Design at Purdue University. Ultimately, his goal is to identify problems and create meaningful solutions in a way that impacts everyday lives. He aims to fully understand users and their needs, and therefore strives to create impactful and pleasant-to-use designs. He loves working with people and in teams. He hopes to utilize everyone’s voice as a human to create design that drives the world forward. He enjoys traveling, photography, playing basketball, or watching a good movie with some friends. He’s always looking for something new and seeing what the world has to offer.

Jake Ledford

Lead UX/UI Designer

Haley is a recent college graduate where she earned her BS in Marketing. While enrolled at Ball State University, she discovered her true passion for digital marketing. She loves rebranding, tracking and increasing engagement, and above all, helping others! She is a hard working, passionate individual who loves to find joy in everyday life. Haley is also very outgoing, loves to meet new people, and is very easy to talk to. In Haley’s free time, she enjoys spending time with her roommates and the three dogs they live with. She is very adventurous and loves to try new things, especially restaurants! Haley loves being a part of the Advanced XP team and cannot wait to make a lasting positive impact on your business!

Haley Glover

Creative Marketing Specialist

Alyse Marie is a designer who leverages a diverse toolset in her work. Her bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Purdue University equipped her with the technical skills necessary for navigating cross-functional teams and new technological environments. Later she returned to Purdue for a master’s degree in User Experience Design, where she complimented her design training with user-centered qualitative research methods. Outside of her academic career, Alyse Marie freelances as an illustrator and animator, skills which she often uses in her designs to add a special creative flare to her work.  Alyse Marie brings all three of these skill sets to her design philosophy, seeking to work with clients to build websites and products that are not only aesthetically appealing, but also clearly communicate the client’s unique identity. She’s excited to work with you to help share your vision with the world.

Alyse Marie Allred

UX/UI Designer

Chase is an experienced web developer, designer, and creator. Driven by his passion for tech and design, he takes pride in providing the best solutions available. As a Web Developer, his goal is to create the best possible website for each client based on their needs and along with the Advanced XP team, help them grow their business.
Chase is a recent college graduate from
Rasmussen University with a B.S. in Computer Science where he spent ample time on the
Dean’s List for high academic achievement. He is also a graduate from Eleven Fifty Academy
with a certification in Full Stack Web Development.
When he’s not spending time with his wife and family, he spends his time making art, playing guitar, and learning new technologies to grow his abilities for the next big project.

Chase Parker

Web Developer

Bridget an interdisciplinary designer pursuing dual bachelor’s degrees in User Experience Design and Spanish, alongside a minor in Anthropology, at Purdue UniversityHer passion for design stems from her desire to combine many interests, including anthropology, illustration, computer science, publications, and language. With her experience as a jack-of-all-trades at the forefront, her professional goals are centered around creating captivating digital environments via inclusive user research and fluid visual design.

Bridget Schafer

UX/UI Designer

Chloee is a recent graduate of Purdue University where she obtained her B.A. in English with a concentration in Professional Writing. She is driven to create a professional tone for her clients when it comes to their branding and persona on social media. With her experience in computer-aided publishing, accessibility, and marketing, she is dedicated to bringing your business’s social media ideas to life.

Chloee has completed two internships within Indiana state government fields and aspires to go to law school to further her education in that realm. Aside from work, Chloee enjoys visiting her 1-year old nephew, watching Purdue football and basketball, and visiting local breweries (while social distancing of course).

Chloee Kline

Creative Copywriter

Megan is studying at Ball State University pursuing a degree in magazine journalism along with professional writing, emerging media, and film studies. She has been studying media since 2014, going to seminars, and actively using LinkedIn Learning. In her free time, she enjoys watching the latest movies and television shows. She also loves to learn and will expand her knowledge with online courses every chance she gets. Megan is adventurous and loves to explore new cities and meet new people whenever possible. She is excited to add a creative and unique touch to your business.

Megan Havlin

Creative Copywriter

Logan was born and raised in Richmond, IN. She graduated from Indiana University East with a B.A. in Communications with a minor in Marketing.  She is currently working towards her MBA from the University of Dayton. Logan’s previous experiences in marketing come from working in organizations such as Reid Health and Wayne County Foundation enhancing their social and digital marketing tactics. She has an extreme passion for working with social media marketing and sales and is excited to create enticing media posts for your business.

Logan Erbse

Digital Marketing Strategist

Jesse is first and foremost an artist and designer, but as a web developer, he aims to bring an artistic eye, with balanced design for UX/UI optimization, to Advanced XP’s current and future client base. He began his development career in 2019 at Eleven Fifty Academy(EFA) in Fishers, where he studied Web Development. With his background in art, he found a hidden passion and skill for creative web design and front-end solutions. Jesse is also an avid learner and desires to continue growing as a developer, which is evident by his return to EFA to study software development in 2020. He is thankful for the opportunity from Advanced XP and is excited to use his knowledge and skill as an asset to their work, as well as continuing to learn and grow alongside the rest of the team. Beyond development, Jesse enjoys time with family, reading, art and music, seeking out and making good food, soccer, traveling, and experiencing nature.

Jesse Smith

Web Developer

Chris Newton has over 10 years of experience as an Account Manager in the digital marketing and telecommunications industries. Having worked across the globe, he has built strategic partnerships and networks lifting up his clients even outside the digital space. Chris understands and listens to your pain points turning them into opportunities for maximum growth and ROI. His goal is to make each one of his clients number #1 in their industry for their market.

Chris Newton

Digital Marketing Strategist

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