What is Website Design and Development?

Written by Megan Havlin

June 18, 2021

Website design and development are crucial to how customers decide who to choose. Web design is all about how the website looks; this has to be appealing to the customer. While website development is more of the behind-the-scenes action, website development is all about making the website function. The website has to function in an easy-to-understand way. People stay on websites for an average of 10 – 20 seconds, if they don’t see what they are looking for and can easily access it they will find another website.

What is the process for website design and development?

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It all starts with a productive plan. Before the web designers begin building and designing a website, you will need to conduct a requirement analysis, gain access to servers, and acquire software and resources. 

Requirement analysis is determining your client goals, target audience, and what you want out of the website; to provide information, sell your product, etc.  After the first phase of planning, comes the designing phase. First, using what you gathered in the planning phase, you need to create a framework. There are online tools to help create an idea for your website, however, it is great to sketch out designs by hand. After sketching out iterations of the overall framework and features, it is time to start the mock-up phase. The mock-up phase is important, this will give you the chance to change the components that aren’t working before the idea comes to life. Development is the last part of creating a productive website. Development is a lot of behind-the-scenes work. The developer will have to code each page to function the way you want it to. There are premade templates for web designers on websites such as Squarespace and Wix as well. Premade websites will often have advanced options for CSS and HTML customizations.  

The process for getting content on your website may be more complex than you think. It starts with the UX designer; the UX designer decides what is best for the consumer or audience, as well as, making sure the website represents the company. The UX designers will be in charge of sketching and creating the mock-ups and prototypes for the website. It will then come to the content writer, who will work with the UX designers to determine what is best for the consumers and what the SEO specialist decides is best for bringing in traffic and write accordingly. The SEO specialist will find the best keywords to bring traffic to your website, using search engines. They will help the web developers with bringing in more traffic to the company’s website. They will then map out the website in a way that will bring in the most traffic. It will then come to the content writer, who will take what the UX designer determined was best for the consumers and what the SEO specialist decides what is best for bringing in traffic and write accordingly. 

What makes a great website design?

There are a few key components when coming up with an optimal web design. Simplicity is important when it comes to designing. Consumers want the most effortless way of navigating; simple colors and imagery will help. Most people read websites in an “F” form. Important information should be in the first few lines and then down the left side, less important information will go in the bottom right corner. With people looking for services and information on phones more often, your website has to be functional on not only a desktop version but a mobile version too. You will have to use mobile optimization, which is the process of making sure your desktop website will provide an efficient experience on different mobile devices.  The speed of your website is huge within the design; the website needs to move along quickly. There is a chance of losing customers to competitors if you have a slow loading time.

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It is important to make your website unique; stand out from the competition. Web designers will take the time to brainstorm multiple ideas when creating a website; they will often take the best components from each design to create the best design for your company. We talked about how important simplicity is. It may seem hard to be unique and simple but different color combinations, images, and layouts can make your website stand out from the others. 

What services are included in website design and development?

There is a lot that goes into creating a website between the coding, the writing, and the designing which can get pretty overwhelming. Advanced XP offers a few different packages to help. Your website can get up to 10 pages of written content with UX enhanced design and SEO. Your website can also have up to 50 pages for product and payment processor integration setup. Advanced XP offers three different tiers of web design and development. They even offer a tier of full customization; whatever you need, they can help with.


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Advanced XP also offers a Google analytics setup, a Google search console setup, and an optimized Google My Business setup. The Google search console is crucial to making sure your website runs smoothly; it will not only help fix minor issues it is also a great tool to use to keep track of analytics. Google My Business is important for local businesses because many customers use the Google Map feature of finding businesses near them. This will help your business grow and be found by more customers. 

You will also have 40 edited photos to choose from to add to your website, which will be taken at a two-hour on-site photography session, along with an (up to) 30-second video from a two-hour on-site videography session. There are benefits to having photos from your own company rather than stock photos. Besides giving the website a more personal feel for your customers, you can geotag photos that will help people near you find you. 

Advanced XP will also provide a marketing dashboard to view a daily return on investment (ROI) across all digital marketing efforts. We also provide a 12-month web hosting package for all of our clients. Advanced XP offers local SEO in areas such as Indiana and Colorado but can work with your business wherever it is located. 

What is the next step?

The next step after creating the best website for you is to launch it! You will want to build up to the launch, whether that’s posting on social media or creating a buzz with your clients face-to-face. Once your website is up and running, the only step left is routine maintenance. Your company, product, or service might change or grow in the future and you will want to make sure your website will represent that. It is also important to make sure your website is fast and there are no broken links. As more and more people come to your website you might think of ways to make it more efficient and productive. 

Wanting to launch your first website or looking for a redesign? Reach out to us. 

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